Empowered Communities

To help us reach our vision of every Australian having access to violence prevention training, we are working on a Nationwide initiative called “Empowered Communities”. The goal for this project is to reach as many communities throughout Australia as possible with Empowerment Self Defence Facilitator Training to enable them to service their own communities and help reduce gender-based violence.

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Why the Initiative?

This Empowered Communities initiative came about after one of our Strategic Planning sessions at Empowered Today. We knew we wanted every woman and girl in Australia to have access to ESD+ training but were frustrated by how long that process was taking on our own.

Lisa Evans, our president, likes to think big. After asking herself the question “How do we practically scale what we are doing in here, to reach communities all over Australia?”, the answer became clear. We empower those communities with the knowledge & skills necessary to be self-sustainable and service themselves.

And so the initiative began…

How does the initiative work?

The vision behind the initiative is to build a nation-wide network of facilitators  offering ESD+ programs in their local area. This approach will help us reach the most at-risk populations throughout Australia, in particular, regional, rural and outback communities.


We plan on doing this by offering ESD+ Facilitator Training to key community members in as many regions of Australia as possible. This capacity-building project empowers each community with a local team of well-placed people, capable of going on to offer ESD+ programs within their region.


By coordinating with local councils and organisations, we invite those working in the community services sector (family / women / youth / mental health services), teachers, university support staff, martial arts teachers and any other individuals/organisations that are committed to offering Women’s Empowerment and Resilience programs to their local community.

Help us on our way…

How can you help?

Whether you are able to offer funding or want to contribute by being an advocate in your community… reach out to us.

Together we can make this vision a reality!!


We are currently looking at ways to ensure our facilitator training can be accessed at low or no cost.

We welcome financial support and partnerships/sponsorships with any government, council or community partners keen to help us empower more women and girls.

​ We also encourage communities to secure their own funding through local sponsorship or fundraising campaigns.


If you are a government body or organisation that is committed to empowering women and girls and have funding available…invite us to hold a Facilitator Training in your town. ​

Alternatively, if you have a venue in your town that we can access for free… please reach out to us.

This could create the opportunity to run a low-cost training where full funding is not unavailable.


If you would like to see an ESD+ Facilitator Training go ahead in your locale, you could help make that happen by advocating for us in your community.

​ Spread the word about our training and if you are able to create enough interest/commitment from your community we can work together to make it happen. ​​

Contact us to request an ESD+ Facilitator Training in your town.

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