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To help us reach our vision of every Australian having access to violence prevention training, we are working on a Nationwide initiative called “Empowered Communities”. The goal for this project is to reach as many communities throughout Australia as possible with Empowerment Self Defence Facilitator Training to enable them to service their own communities and help reduce gender-based violence.

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Why the Initiative?

This Empowered Communities initiative came about after one of our Strategic Planning sessions at Empowered Today. Our organisation is committed to reducing gender-based violence in Australia…in particular, violence against women. Although we were very pleased to be servicing our local region with Violence Prevention Education through Empowerment Self Defence principles, we were frustrated about not being able to reach a larger population.

Lisa Evans, our president, likes to think big. After asking herself the question “How do we practically scale what we are doing in here, to reach communities all over Australia?”, the answer became clear. We empower those communities with the knowledge & skills necessary to be self-sustainable and service themselves. And so the initiative began…

On a personal note…this initiative will allow us to combine two of the things we are most passionate about…

travel & empowering people…YAY!!

How will it work?

The idea behind the initiative is to up-skill key community members with violence prevention training to help reach the most at-risk populations throughout Australia (in particular regional, rural & outback communities).

We will co-ordinate with local councils & organisations to conduct Facilitator Training in their communities. This training will empower your community with the knowledge and skills necessary to run violence prevention programs to a range of populations. The key community members we train may include teachers, staff working in women’s or youth services, university support staff, martial arts teachers or any other members committed to offering programs in violence prevention. 

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How can you help?

Whether you are able to offer funding or want to contribute by being an advocate in your community… reach out to us.

Together we can make this vision a reality!!

Vehicle Funding

To reach remote communities we need a 4WD vehicle that can not only safely navigate the rural/outback roads we will be negotiating, but to accommodate us in the process.

Since our goal is to offer this Facilitator Training at the most affordable price possible, having a vehicle that we can camp in will mean dramatically reducing the costs involved in reaching these more regional & remote communities…and therefore the cost passed on to those communities we are training.

Ongoing Funding

We are currently looking at ways to support these key community members in accessing our training at low or no cost.

Funding may come from the local councils or organisations themselves or through grants/funding Empowered Today secures in order to offer the trainings for free.

Another option is for the community to raise the money themselves through sponsorship or a local fundraising campaign.

Join the Initiative

We will be looking for a liaison from each community to co-ordinate with and work together to make our vision a reality.

Please reach out to us if you are either interested in co-ordinating with us or would like to recommend someone from your community that is passionate about reducing violence in your local area.

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Domestic Violence Case Worker

"I liked that the solution is not complicated and is staring you in the face the whole time, that all it takes is a perspective shift to change your whole world."

Senior Youth/Family Worker

"I loved every minute of it - some of the content we were all well versed in but the way it connected to the ESD principles and mindset was brilliant. The trainers were outstanding, so knowledgeable and responsive, there were no 'silly questions" and nothing was too much trouble. They managed and held space for all the group members with kindness and compassion."

Senior Family Worker

"I loved the depth of knowledge, authenticity and the passion from the facilitators. Their absolute dedication to empowering women both mentally and physically so that we see a change to statistics of sexual assault in our communities."

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