Facilitator Training

Our ESD+ Facilitator Training is the perfect path to being able to service your own students, clients and community with Violence Prevention, Resilience & Empowerment programs


Our trauma-informed Facilitator Training combines the principles of two practical, evidence-based systems: Empowerment & Self Defence (ESD) + Mindfulness-Based Stress Management (MBSM).

Coming from an education background, we not only teach the applicable content but also the teaching pedagogy and strategies needed to ensure programs are taught in a safe, practical and engaging way.


Our Facilitator Training is for any person or organisation that is interested in offering women’s empowerment programs.

Our principle-based and modular curriculum offers a non-prescriptive suite of tools, allowing you to run standalone programs or easily integrate individual modules into your existing programs.


– by participating in one of our community trainings under our Empowered Communities Initiative


– as an exclusive in-house training for your organisation, where we offer tailored Facilitator Trainings for organisations that have a number of staff  they would like trained

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Training Schedule

March 2024
Thursday 7th - Friday 15thCompleted9:00am - 5:00pmTaree, NSW
June 2024
Thursday 20th - Sunday 23rdOpen9:00am - 5:00pmBallina, NSW
July 2024
TBDOpen9:00am - 5:00pmTownsville, QLD
August 2024
TBDOpen9:00am - 5:00pmKatherine, NT
TBDOpen9:00am - 5:00pmDarwin, NT
September 2024
TBDOpen9:00am - 5:00pmBroome, WA
October 2024
TBDOpen9:00am - 5:00pmGeraldton, WA
November 2024
TBDOpen9:00am - 5:00pmPerth, WA
December 2024
TBDOpen9:00am - 5:00pmAlbany, WA

What Does the Training Entail?

Our ESD+ Facilitator Training is a 4-day workshop that will provide you with 20+ hours of content to teach women’s empowerment programs.  

The content and topics include…

– Trauma-informed care and emotional safety

– Understanding gender-based violence

– Research & Statistics 

– The history & principles of Empowerment Self Defence

– Emotional, Mental & Physical skills for violence prevention & personal safety

– Mindfulness-Based Stress Management

– Teaching pedagogy & principles

– How to build a student-centred curriculum that focuses on your strengths 


Sample Schedule

  • Day 1
  • Module 1: Introductions & Housekeeping, Emotional Safety & Grounding
  • Module 2: The history & principles of Empowerment Self Defence
  • Module 3: Understanding Gender-based violence – Research & Statistics
  • Module 4: Soft Physical Skills (non-violent)

  • Day 2
  • Module 5: THINK – Assessing a situation/Risk Assessment, Awareness – Internal & External/Situational, Intuition, Tactical thinking, Options/Choices
  • Module 6: FIGHT – Fighting Spirit, Self Worth & Resilience. Basic Strikes/Teaching with Targets
  • Module 7: Trauma-informed lens
  • Module 8: YELL – Connecting with & Using your voice, Verbal/Nonverbal Communication, Consent, Setting Boundaries, Assertiveness
  • Day 3
  • Module 9: RUN – Removing yourself from a situation, Moving towards safety, Distract/Evade/Escape strategies, Using your surroundings (people, exits, objects, tools)
  • Module 10: Releases from Grabs & Holds
  • Module 11: Neuroscience/Psychology, Strangle Releases
  • Module 12: TELL – Responding, Survivor Advocacy & Support, Sharing for healing, Choosing to Report

  • Day 4
  • Module 13: Physical skills refresh
  • Module 14: Role-Plays & Scenarios
  • Module 15: Teaching pedagogy, principles & practice – building a student-centred curriculum that focuses on your strengths
  • Module 16: Self-Care – teacher & students

Facilitator Training Testimonials

Domestic Violence Case Worker

"I liked that the solution is not complicated and is staring you in the face the whole time, that all it takes is a perspective shift to change your whole world."

Senior Youth/Family Worker

"I loved every minute of it - some of the content we were all well versed in but the way it connected to the ESD principles and mindset was brilliant. The trainers were outstanding, so knowledgeable and responsive, there were no 'silly questions" and nothing was too much trouble. They managed and held space for all the group members with kindness and compassion."

Senior Family Worker

"I loved the depth of knowledge, authenticity and the passion from the facilitators. Their absolute dedication to empowering women both mentally and physically so that we see a change to statistics of sexual assault in our communities."

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